Conspiring fun every second...
Welcome to Fun Per Second

We are a gaming studio committed to having fun!

– fun with life, fun with games. We seek to pack as much entertainment as possible into every second and look to bring our passion for gaming to anyone who is willing to play along.

For us a game needs to be a perfect mix of visuals, sound, story, and game play. Anything else is just not... fun.

Our first foray into the fantastical world of gaming starts with the property Wars of Celestae, as created by Christopher Baggio. Look for Wars of Celestae: Battle Tactics and Wars of Celestae: Angels v. Demons: Demons Go! Coming to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad platforms.

Entertainment = Fun Per Second
“To live with principle is to live with no regrets; there are no difficult decisions, just difficult consequences and a well lived life.”
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